Roller Doors are operated (opened - closed) in one of the following manners:

Our Roller Door is of tried and tested design, specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the end user.It consists of an overhead mounted spring loaded barrel assembly around which the shutter rotates when opening or closing. The load on the spring is adjustable to act as a counter balance for the specific weight of shutters of different design and size.The shutter is made from individual horizontal locking slats (80 mm wide x 0.8mm or 1.0 mm rolled galvanised sheet steel) and when assembled forms a weather proof curtain.

Quick Fix manufactures industrial doors such as Roller shutter Grille, Fenestra, Perforated, Fire roller shutter, Jack-knife and sliding doors. We furthermore do preventative maintenance and repair on all industrial doors.


Manual, gear, chain

Doors of maximum size 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm (because of its limited size and lack of corresponding weight) are simply push-up or pull down types, mechanical assistance is not required.


A larger door (because of the weight of its curtain) needs mechanical assistance for its operation. This is done through a crank handle type gearbox (wall mounted at waist height) driving via a connecting steel tube to the crown wheel and pinion fixed to one end of the overhead barrel assembly.


A chain wheel complete with reduction gears is mounted to the end of the barrel assembly and is driven through the crown wheel and pinion by means of a full length endless chain. In both the above cases the combined gear ratio is approximately 3:1.


A 220V or 380V geared motor of suitable power rating is also available with remote control safety beams and self closing timers

Fire Shutters

Fire Shutters with one or two rating connected to release mechanisms via fusible links, can also be electronically operated via smoke or heat detectors

Door Operation

Over the past few years we have rendered our services to Koeberg Nuclear Power Station - new installation and maintenance. Furthermore, we fitted and supplied the Malmesbury prison with roller shutter doors, as well as many other government institutions.


As an alternative a roller grille can be supplied. It is manufactured from 10 mm mild steel round bars pressed into a predetermined shape and cut into lengths suiting the door opening. The bars are linked horizontally with the use of steel clips. When assembled and suspended the bars form a curtain with a patterned grille (as opposed to a shutter). Its robust design gives high security yet clear vision, thus ideal for shop fronts.A number of patterns are available and grilles can also be supplied in either galvanised, painted or epoxy powder coated finish.


Our standard slat has a deep concave design - thus the assembled curtain offers high wind resistance. An alternative slat, more flat in profile, is also available. Both the above types can be rolled from either solid, perforated or punched sheet steel and may be supplied in natural galvanised, painted or epoxy powder coated finish to suit special needs or aesthetics. When perforated or punched slats are used, the curtain (in its closed position) will be translucent while still rendering solid security.